Who are U? - Spring and SUmmer 2017

On the surface, PhotoU's "Who are U?" class is a thorough exploration of exposure, composition, lighting, editing, portraiture and visual storytelling. But beyond that, this intimate class provides an inspiring environment, allowing teens to develop their own personal photographic styles and gain a lot of hands on experience. Over the classes' 5 sessions, students create their own photo series in response to the question "who are you?" Below are excerpts from the beautiful work exhibited by our young photographers on the last day of the Spring and Summer 2017 classes.  

Intro Workshop- February 2017

PhotoU's inaugural Bay Area class brought seven young photographers, ages 13-17, together to learn the basics of exposure, composition and shooting in manual mode during an Intro Workshop in February 2017. During the workshop, students had a chance to practice their new skills...below are some of the beautiful images they created.

Picturing Bethsaida

In 2009, PhotoU founder Beth Babicz spent the summer in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania teaching photography to a group of teenagers at Bethsaida Girls Secondary School, an orphan education center on the outskirts of the city. At the time, she was going into her senior year at UC Berkeley and conducting self-imposed research on the question "how might our understanding of marginalized populations change if cameras were put in the hands of those who had never previously been giving a chance to tell their stories?" 

This project sparked Beth's desire to encourage more young people, from all walks of life, to speak out through photography...and the idea for PhotoU was born.

Below is a sampling of the girls' work, which was exhibited in Berkeley, CA under the title, Picturing Bethsaida