Summer 2017 Who are U? Class Recap

Who are U? ...Round Two!

In July, we ran our second Who are U? class and had the pleasure of working with two awesome teens, Amelia and Hailey. Taking advantage of the students' summer schedules, the 5 session class ran over the course of one, photo intensive, week. On Monday, the girls were learning how the camera worked and by Friday, were exhibiting their own original photo was really incredible to see how quickly they grew into creative, skilled photographers!

We covered a lot of ground during our week together, learning all about exposure, composition, portraiture, storytelling and editing. For three hours each day, we were in the classroom, behind the camera and lost in the work of many inspiring photographers. The girls also spent their time outside of class creating original photo essays in response to the question "who are you?" The work they produced in such a short time is incredibly beautiful, thoughtful and poignant. Be sure to check it out below.

It was so much fun working with Amelia and Hailey, seeing them gain confidence and develop their own artistic voices...which is what PhotoU is all about! We can't wait to do the same with more Bay Area teens :)

Hailey, Age 15 Hailey's work looks at three different young women in an exploration of what it means to be living in the past, living in the present and living in the future.


Amelia, Age 16 Amelia's work explores the lives of teenage girls, who they are and who they hope to become.